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  • 有机生态体验

    农家乐-占地7畝的有机生态园带给你的不止是对有机蔬菜的知识,更带给您对养生极品。金丝燕生态环境的进一步知识。这里的农产品都是按照有机种植规 程,不使用化学合成的农药化肥,并在2012年获颁由有机食品机构鉴定认证颁发的有机食品证书。本农场的另一个特别之处采在于用了先进的土壤冷却系统,让 土壤保持在适于的温度,促使蔬菜的根部能生长得更茁壮!另一方面,健壮的根部能使到蔬菜得到更多的养分。在这情况下,使生长出了这些含有丰富营养和高质量 的蔬菜。

    Welcome to Happy Farmer, Happy Farmer organic farm with 7 acres will bring you to the natural environment of organic farming. Plus, it allows you to experience and get closer to the habitat and behaviour of swiftlets. Our organic vegetables products are grown in accordance with controlled strict organic standards and valid regulations that has been approved by The Skim Organik Malaysia (SOM) in 2012. Chemical substances for protection of plants are strictly forbidden. Another specialty technology adopted in Happy Farmer is soil cooling system that help to keep control of the soil temperature. This enables to have a higher quality and yield of crop. In the other hand, healthy root can improve the capacity for holding water and nutrients. Under this condition, high qual and nutrient value crop will be grown in Happy Farmer.

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